Monday, March 3, 2008

Here is where we turned of State Route 66, onto Indian 18. Two tribes, the Hualipai's and the Havasupai's have reservations here. 65 miles of good pavement. I don't know what the highest elevation is, but it got down to 39 degrees and there was snow on both sided of the road for about 20 miles before we dropped down to the rim of the Grand Canyon West. There are NO services at all, not even a place to buy water, gas or food. The end of the road is a parking lot that has a helocopter pad and a stable for the pack horses that take people down to the Supai Village. If also is full of cars owned by the Tribal members that live down there, and tourists that are visiting. It was a boring ride getting there, but the end of the road was beautiful and very interesting.

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